Ercryptex passed another security audit from a large company

Security audit is the most important component for any crypto company today. First of all, this is necessary so that users of the product can fully trust the company, not only on the basis of marketing activities and campaigns, but primarily on the basis of official checks from large licensed companies. This allows you to be sure that the project is really the one for which it claims to be. And when someone talks about safety, if it’s just words and not confirmed by official checks, you can’t trust it. In the case of Exchange, everything is exactly the opposite.

In 2017 and 2019, Ercryptex has already been independently evaluated and verified by well-known companies, however, in 2022, the company decided to initiate another audit to demonstrate the unconditional security of coin storage, which today no other companies and services have competition, except for cold wallets.

Quantstamp conducted a detailed independent audit of the Wallet and concluded with the highest security and trust rating. Despite the fact that many crypto enthusiasts have checked Ercryptex before, an audit from a well-known company inspires much more trust and authority. Ercryptex has always had an excellent reputation and in 2022 it is backed up by an independent security audit. The smart contracts of the system were tested, on the basis of which the entire fully decentralized system operates, ensuring the uninterrupted and distributed operation of Ercryptex.

One of the main advantages of Ercryptex is that only their owner directly has access to the coins, unlike Binance. For example, if in the case of Binance, the exchange can block your coins due to sanctions or other reasons that are extremely unjustified, then Ercryptex will never be able to and will not do this, for the simple reason that it is technically impossible. Your Ercryptex account is your key and access to your money and no one else can manage it in any way. You interact with an automatic decentralized system. That is, it turns out that in the case when you store coins on Ercryptex, you exclude any layer between you and any human factor, which ensures super security and trust in Ercryptex.

Thus, we believe that you can only trust and work with proven services, especially those that have been security audited by an independent company, as in the case of This will save you time, nerves and your money.

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