From crypto to credit card in 5 minutes

If you do not count a dozen of countries where crypto is legal you better having a way to convert it to real cash. The number of local websites offering such services counting in thousands but finding a decent one is hard still.

While having a list of trustworthy names is convenient it does not answer the market’s calls. Learning how to find and use crypto on credit card transfer sites is a top priority for every investor!

Find the best payment processor

This skill is pretty easy to develop even for complete newcomers to the crypto investing scene. These actions are placed in the order of importance:

  • read user reviews on TrustPilot or similar review aggregator web pages;
  • check out the number of available currencies and credit cards;
  • refund and additional security policies is a welcome addition.

Try to calculate where the fees will be lowest possible to save cash during the transaction. A simple calculator should tell which sum you will get at the receiving end of the transaction.

Credit cards for the local and abroad use

Important matter to discuss is the credit cards to send crypto to and their differences. In the modern world vendors from this list has the major part of the marked:

  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;

While the latter has the least amount of traction, Visa offers the most diverse share of options. One of them, Visa Electron will be a perfect candidate for internet payments.

Your first transfer: Step-by-step

Yet the main algorithm may be pretty unintuitive to crack right from the start. For people who are not familiar with the process, it is just impossible to complete due to many menus and pop-up windows. Here are simple instructions where to click:

  • click on the desired cryptocurrency;
  • choose the credit card you have;
  • type the sum you want to give or get, does not matter an automatic calculator will fill the remaining one;
  • proceed with the transaction to see the cryptowallet you have to send tokens on;
  • carefully copy and paste the number in the app and make the transfer.

After these you just have to wait 1-60 minutes depending on the currency. Right now is the best time to use this method as the market undergo some serious shocks. Enormous volatility of cryptocurrencies makes their value increase or decrease during the day. To get an advantage from these fluctuations you must use instant transfers from credit card to crypto and vice versa. It’s really beneficial.

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