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Online Trading Academy is Normalizing Education in the Crypto Sphere

We are living in a time of digital assets and it has only been expedited by our increasing reliance on the internet and its digital influence. Traders of yesteryear are likely to look at the digital currency and asset revolution as something not entirely dissimilar to the dot-com bubble that exploded in the mid-90s, leaving some individuals wealthy and others scrabbling to regain what they lost.

To make sure that there are more winners than losers in the online trading world of digital assets and cryptocurrency, industry leaders at Online Trading Academy have unveiled their newest catalog of courses, including a section on Digital Assets.

Introducing Digital Assets

Once upon a time, the concept of digital assets would have been something a bit too complicated to comprehend. However, movement and advancements within the tech field, coinciding with the blossoming world of digital currencies, has fundamentally changed the world that we live in.

Eyal Shahar founded Online Trading Academy over 25 years ago to help individuals learn the tools and tips they needed to succeed in trading while focusing on a burgeoning field. At the time, the company was focused on the dot-com bubble. Now, OTA is curating a Digital Assets platform to help educate investors so that they can make smart choices that are good for their financial health.

Merlin Rothfeld is the Senior Director in charge of the Crypto Education Program. Rothfeld has been vocal in his support of the program’s efforts, underlining how exciting AND risky the field can be without proper preparation. Rothfeld says, “My greatest fear is that people are so excited, that they have so much FOMO, that they’ll simply fly blind.”

Rothfeld adds of semi-informed investors, “A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

Underscoring the far-reaching appeal of digital assets, Rothfeld points to the industries that it can impact: healthcare, insurance, exchanges, decentralized businesses, and even banking. Rothfeld adds, “Digital Assets are SO MUCH more than Bitcoin.”

Get Started With a Free Educational Program

Individuals looking to jump into the world of digital assets and crypto trading can do so by starting with a free introductory course from the team at Online Trading Academy. The introductory course, titled Crypto Foundations, features six potent video lessons designed to help better the understanding of everyday investors in the realm of crypto and digital asset trading.

Online Trading Academy also offers a full-scale Crypto Education program under the Digital Assets mantle, hoping to prepare more everyday investors for the exciting opportunities that are available.

Rothfeld said, “Decentralized businesses are beginning to thrive and presenting an abundance of investing and trading opportunities.”

Online Trading Academy has operated as a world leader in the financial markets as an educator for individuals looking to build skills and develop their proficiency in trading markets.

OTA works through a proprietary methodology known as the Core Strategy which is designed for traders and investors alike to learn smarter decision-making for short and long-term goals.

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