Why Twitter DM Marketing Is Twice as Effective as Other NFT Marketing Methods

In today’s times, there are innumerable ways to promote a new product or service in the digital sphere. But when it comes to the world of NFTs and digital currency marketing, Twitter DMs for promotion stand head and shoulders above other marketing methods. Let’s discuss why that is the case.

A successful NFT marketing strategy begins with a compelling story with which people would connect and want to associate themselves. But just having a large community is not necessarily a sign of a successful project. The community must be active, friendly, and have a positive vibe that motivates members to stay and encourages others to join. It must also be committed to long-term ownership of the NFT and not just regard it as a quick-flip opportunity, which indicates a higher potential for future value appreciation. Community is the backbone of your NFT project, and it holds the key to its success. Therefore, building your community is often the first and most critical step in your NFT marketing journey. And Twitter DMs can help you in that endeavor immensely.

Here is why Twitter DMs for promotion are far more effective than other marketing methods for an NFT:

Boost your Community-building Efforts

Fostering a strong community begins with reaching out to the right people with the right message. Knowing your potential audience and what they would appreciate and want to associate themselves with is a crucial first step in community building. Once you’ve identified whom you’d like to reach out to and with what message, the next step is to figure out a platform that lets you efficiently communicate this message and connect with others.

Twitter has over 200 million daily active users across the world, with close to 80 million in the United States alone. Moreover, it is also the main hub of all topics and discussions related to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. So, it makes sense to build your community here by targeting the right audience on Twitter via DMs.

Connect on a Personal Level

Twitter DM marketing for NFT allows you to reach out directly to targeted users interested in the crypto and NFT communities and strike up a conversation. It is a highly effective form of communication for brands that receives a 30% response rate if crafted well.

Communicating via DMs allows you to carry out a full-fledged conversation with a potential customer or investor, which may not be possible to do via replies on public feeds. A lot of public replies also put your account at risk of being marked as spam. So, DMs are a great medium for you to take your NFT project to your target audience’s inbox and connect with them on a personal level. It lets you start an actual conversation with a cold audience, describe and elaborate on your project’s message, and convince them to become part of your community.

You can also use Twitter DMs to ask individuals for constructive criticism and seek their suggestions regarding the improvements they would like to see in your project. This way, you can also get some idea about public opinion regarding your project.

Reach Out to Thousands of Targeted Profiles at Once

Instead of simply promoting your NFT project to random people individually, you can select your target audience and send your marketing pitch directly to thousands at once by leveraging Twitter DM marketing services. Not only does this help your project become more appealing to them, but the process will also foster a strong sense of community from the very beginning. People will feel more valued and connected to the project if they find that their individual opinion is appreciated and considered, thus encouraging them to engage and participate — an important benchmark of a strong NFT community.

More Cost-effective than Other Social Media Marketing Techniques

An NFT Twitter DM campaign offers you the maximum bang for your buck and the greatest ROI among most social media marketing techniques. In fact, if you run the entire campaign completely on in-house efforts, it’s practically free! But even if you decide to outsource the campaign to another agency, you can reap the rewards in the form of high-quality leads and actual conversions that will more than make up for the money you invest.

However, for Twitter DMs for promotion to work, you need expert targeting skills to identify the right audience and flawless copywriting skills to draft a marketing pitch that converts. This is why it is advisable to hire a reputed NFT marketing agency that provides Twitter DM marketing services to promote your NFT project in a smooth and professional manner and get the best results.

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